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More Adventures of free camping in Austria

May 7, 2012 5 comments

We woke up quite late the following day as our campsite was well hidden, that even the boats and barges that passed by didn’t notice us so we just took our own time breaking camp. We then proceeded to cycle without knowing which town we would be stopping at as we would try to camp again. All we know we would have to stay along the Danube (EuroVelo Cycling route 6) and head towards Austria’s third largest city, Linz. So after covering about 55 km we were passing by a small town by called Presenbeug. We scouted for a place to camp. We spotted a clear field just at the entrance of the town but we thought that it was too open and we would be in full view of cars passing by,  people jogging and cycling along the road. We were approached by a gentleman on a bike by the name of Hans. He was wondering if we were looking for a place to stay and we told him we were looking for a place to pitch our tent. We proceeded to chit- chat for a while and told him what were doing and what our mission was. He then told us we could pitch our tent at the open field that we had seen  earlier and it would be no problem. He later told us that he was a journalist for a local newspaper and would like to interview my father and take a few pictures for his publication. He also told us we should come to his house for breakfast the next morning 🙂

Monument of Attila the Hun



A Medieval Castle


Medieval period church

More Castles along the way


Our campsite in Presenbeug

Camping on an open field with permission 🙂

View from behind our tent

Sunset at Presenbeug

Breakfast at Hans’s place

So after breakfast at Hans’s place, we pedalled our way to Linz and we decided that we would look for a spot to camp a few km from Linz as staying in the city would be too costly 😛 Along the Danube there are lots of forested areas but some are just too dense to set up camp. So to free camp you really need to keep your eyes peeled for the right spot. After about half an hour of searching we found a small trail that was actually for cars but looked like it has not been used for quite a while which was located behind the main cycling trail and it was quite flat, so we sneaked in quietly and while we still had about 2 hours of day light we decided to cook an early dinner and wait it out (sometimes we have to wait before it gets dark before we can set up camp just to make sure nobody comes along)

Moving forward


Cooking our dinner while waiting for the coast to be clear before setting up our tent

We woke up to a chilly morning it must have been about 8-9 celcius and all I wanted to do was stay in my comfy sleeping bag, but we just had to force ourselves to wake up and break camp. The only downside about free camping is we cannot linger around waiting to be caught, hehe! Linz was 5 km away and when we got there we proceeded to look for a bicycle shop to get my father’s rim fixed. A spoke broke the day before so the wheel was a bit wobbly. We found a shop after asking some locals for directions. Fixing the broken spoke costs us 10 euro which is quite expensive. 10 euro can buy us food provisions that can last us for 2 days 😦 So after looking around we saw that there was nothing much to see in Linz  (it is quite a modern city and would be quite hard to look for affordable accommodation) we decided to move forward.


Cooking lunch at a bus stop

So we are now in the quaint and serene town of Aschach an der Donau. We managed to find an affordable ‘privat zimmer’ (private pension house) that is run by a nice lady and her son. So after 3 nights of camping it feels really good to be sleeping in a comfy bed again, to have warm showers and also update our blogs and keep in contact with loved ones. So tomorrow we will head towards Passau in Germany and will be out camping again. These are the necessary sacrifices that we have to go through in order to survive Europe and get closer to our destination.

Aschach on the Danube


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