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Meeting other cyclists

It was a bright and sunny day with clear skies which was a welcome change from the gloomy and rainy conditions from the previous day. We left Haskovo feeling very relaxed as the next town (Stara Zagora) was just 65km away, so there was no rush for us. While cycling out of Haskovo we bumped into a local cyclist, Lazar. He stopped us to take some photographs. He was really happy to see us, even though we could not communicate well, as he spoke very little English, so we just had to use sign language. Only after a few kilometres  we realised that he was going in the same direction to visit his friends in the next town (Dimitrovgrad), 15km away.  On the way he also noticed that my father’s rear wheel was warped and he signaled for us to follow him into Dimitrovgrad to have it fixed. About 3 km from Dimitrovgrad, we were greeted by Lazar’s friend, Nikolai,who is  an expert in wheel repairs. We rode into town and stopped outside Nikolai’s apartment, where he did the repairs. While waiting for the repairs to be finished two  more cyclists came to join us. Once the repairs were done they invited us for  tea at a local tea/coffee joint. Although none of them could speak English very well, we did manage to understand what they were saying. Lazar and Nikolai are also cycling – enthusiasts who have so far toured Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Maybe there are not many cycling- tourists who  pass through Bulgaria, that is why they were amazed and happy that we were in their town. After taking some pictures and exchanging Facebook and E-mail addresses we said our goodbyes . We pedalled on and by that time the sun was at its full strength. It was about 20c and for the first time in 3 months I was cycling in my T-shirt. Very soon I would be able to ride using my shorts again 🙂

Monument of Kapitan Petko in Haskovo

With Lazar in Haskovo

Relaxing over a cup of tea

Leaving Dimitrovgrad

The open road

At a park in Stara Zagora

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  1. roggonx
    March 27, 2012 at 12:15 pm


    Hows the bulgarian chics la? Hahaha

    Excellent photos..a very adventurous journey you have there with your dad.

    How i wish i could just throw everything and ride with you and your dad..

    • March 29, 2012 at 6:06 pm

      Kok! Now in Romania oredi….Bugarian and Romanian chicks very good! You should be here man happening wei kekeke

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