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The ride from Agra to Delhi

The ride from Agra started at 7 am and it was a cold and foggy morning. Our ride  out of town was smooth as it was early and there was no traffic. It took us a good 15km before we actually got out of Agra town and on the so called Highway. Their highway is just a normal 2 lane road with a shoulder for motorcycles and bicycles. Our first 5km on the highway and suddenly we saw a truck coming from the opposite direction on the shoulder, which was a real shock and the driver was honking at us, so we had to give way. So after that incident it we had to be very alert for oncoming traffic. It was quite a challenge cycling on Indian roads! Imagine lorries and buses overtaking on the left lane barely inches away from my bike. We rode for 120km before we stopped for the night somewhere in Hodal spent the night at a petrol pump. The manager was kind enough to let us sleep in his staff’s quarters.

Taking a break and keeping warm at a tea stall

Pedal pedal!

with the petrol pump manager(blue shirt) in the staff quarter’s

The next morning we started at 6.30am it was even colder(with very thick fog) it was about 10c and with the cold wind we were making very slow progress. It took us 1h 30m to cover 10km but when the sun started to come out and the temps got higher we made good time we didn’t even stop for lunch. Reached Delhi at around 3pm and it was back to the city(traffic) madness! Tired and hungry we made our way to Pahar Ganj. This is where the budget tourist’s or backpackers come to stay there are hundred’s of guesthouses here. Our room was quite cheap cost us 350 rupees(you will have to bargain) if you are adventurous and like to rough it out this is the place to be.

Posing with the local Posse

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