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There is nothing much to write about Agra, except that it’s a place for tourists and that is because of the famous Taj Mahal. The whole town around the Taj Mahal are mainly hotels/guesthouses, restaurants, cybercafes, and gift shops. I was a bit reluctant to visit the Taj Mahal as the ticket price really is a turn off. The price is a whopping 750 rupees (really mahal!). It may not be that expensive once you convert it to Malaysian Ringgit but the locals only pay 20 rupees. But it maybe the only time for me to see it in person, so I paid for the ticket with a heavy heart. If you want a clear photograph of the Taj just try to get in after sunrise as the place will be packed with visitors after 10am. Kind of hard to admire the beauty of it with so many people around you, but the Taj Mahal really is a magnificent work of architecture, no doubt about that!










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  1. December 10, 2011 at 10:06 am

    damn 750 rupees!! and locals only 20 rupees??? yeah thats why last time i never go into all these tourist sites. too many people… and its all fake!

    takpe bro.. ko balik nanti.. aku bawak ko pegi masjid wilayah. the architecture is amazing man. its never crowded except during friday prayers. its free.. and its so near! 15 mins bicycle ride from my house!!

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